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The Zone Closure Over Summer

The Zone will be closed for summer and will re-open on Thursday, October 2nd. Check out our programs to see examples of what we will be offering in the Fall, and stay connected with us on social media. Please note that the Campus AA Meeting will begin to meet in Student Services Center, Room 260 from 6/23/14 - 9/29/14, and will reconvene in The Zone on 10/6/14. Have a question? Contact us! We look forward to seeing you in the Fall!

Zone Testimonials

Have you enjoyed your experience at The Zone? We would love to hear about it! Tell us all about your experience HERE, and with your approval, we will share it on our Guest Testimonials webpage for others to view! Thank you for taking the time to leave us your comments, we sincerely appreciate it.

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Check back soon for The Zone’s updated Fall 2014 schedule!